Payroll Service

Payroll Service

We provide an extensive, efficient and effective payroll service, and work with our clients individually to tailor a payroll solution which best suits their requirements. We can provide:


Gross to Net Calculation


Since its introduction in 2019, PAYE Modernisation has required employers to provide the Revenue Commissioners with ‘real time’ payroll information.  In practice, this means that each time a company’s payroll is run, Revenue must be contacted to download the most up-to-date credits for the employees.

We can calculate all deductions to be taken from employee’s salaries – including PAYE, PRSI and USC. We can also deal with calculations of notional pay/benefit in kind (BIK), emergency tax and holiday pay.

To ensure the payroll is processed and employees are paid correctly, we ask that employers provide us with payroll details in good time. We provide payslips for every pay period.




We can submit the payroll on each client’s behalf – and we can arrange remittance of the correct liability to Revenue.


Legislative Compliance


A significant challenge for any payroll operator is to deal with changes to payroll that need to be made due to evolving Income Tax legislation. If a company doesn’t understand and implement these changes, the consequences can be costly.

We can help you meet the statutory requirements of these changes as they are introduced – simplifying the process and ensuring your compliance.

A Full Suite of Services

For Your Value-added convenience and business efficiency, we offer a full suite of accounting, tax and financial advisory services...