Accounts Preparation

Accounts Preparation

As a business, you need to know how you are performing.
At Slattery & Partners, we prepare accounts for all forms of business – Sole traders, Farmers, Partnership, Companies, Charities, not for profit businesses and basically for every business or undertaking that wants to monitor its performance.

The preparation of accounts is key to this.  You need to make sure your accounts are detailed and up-to-date because:

  • As a business owner, you need to know from where you are generating revenue and what your costs are. To continue to achieve growth, it is important that you can fully understand your accounts and benchmark your financial performance against your peers in the same sector. We are here to help with this.
  • All businesses are liable to pay Taxes in Ireland and accurate accounts are needed by the Revenue Commissioners. Record keeping is important and through experience gained over the years, we can advise you on the simplest and most effective ways to keep records.
  • Accurate financial accounts are required when applying for bank finance to expand or restructure your business. The fact that accounts are prepared by qualified professionals provides assurance to third parties that they are accurate.


We compile Accounts for all types of business structures within every business Sector:

  • Audited accounts for Companies/Charities/Non-Profit Organisations
  • Auctioneer, Solicitors & Property Management Companies
  • Annual accounts for audit exempt companies
  • Sole Traders and Partnership Accounts.
  • Farmers
  • Management accounts (tailored to client needs)
  • Interim accounts and Statements of Affairs.
  • Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Cashflow projections and working capital management


We provide you with a full accounting service to cater for your business’ needs, be they large or small. We can prepare budgets and management accounts, both for internal and other uses. The presentation and interpretation of regular financial information is crucial in these instances and helps you monitor your business’ performance, manage cash flow, revise budgets and take whatever measures are appropriate to achieve your financial objectives. We work with businesses to gain a deep understanding of what they do – so we can meet their accounts preparation needs to the best of our ability.


Financial Summaries and Reports


Once your accounts have been prepared, we provide you with comprehensive financial summaries and reports. You can then use your actual performance together with future projections, to plan effectively.

We understand that most businesses operate in a complex and fast-moving environment. Annual Accounts can provide you with a vital tool to help your business run efficiently and to provide valuable information for forward planning and decision-making. We can also offer you practical advice on setting up accounting systems and software packages which are easy to use, and which comply with tax and company law.


You’re Supported Throughout


Throughout the process, our aim is to support you with a team of professional accountants who provide on-time, effective solutions. We endeavour to work with you so that we can gain a full understanding of your business and we then tailor your accounting system to meet your needs. The ever-widening scope of VAT and PAYE legislation, and the constant stream of detailed changes to the regulations, call for a professional eye to ensure that you continue to comply.

At Slattery & Partners, we adopt a proactive approach – and where we can, we will make practical suggestions as to how to improve the flow of information to you. We help with the implementation of a suitable bookkeeping system for new and existing businesses and in the preparation of tax returns for VAT and payroll taxes. We can act as external support for your accounts team, and are always at the end of a phone to answer any questions you may have.


Your Accounts Checklist


You will need the following information for Year End accounts and income tax returns:
1.      Bank statements for the year
2.      Lodgement books completed
3.      Cheque books with stubs filled out
4.      Credit card statements
5.      Loan/lease/HP statements and agreements
6.      List of fixed assets owned
7.      Details of fixed asset additions/disposals in year
8.     Details of investments held (Company and personal)
9.     Closing stock/work in progress listing
10.   Closing debtors listing
11.   Sales invoice/listing
12.   List of closing creditors
13.   Closing creditor statements
14.   Purchases invoice listing for year
15.   Employee pension details
16.   VAT return details
17.   Payroll details for the year
18.   Tax deduction cards for all employees
19.   Vehicle registration certificates for all motor vehicles (Tax book)
20.   Rental property information
21.   Personal pension details, medical expenses etc.

A Full Suite of Services

For Your Value-added convenience and business efficiency, we offer a full suite of accounting, tax and financial advisory services...