About Us

A Tradition of Established Accounting Excellence

Slattery & Partners is a reputable and long-standing firm of Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors based in Ennis, County Clare. A three-partner firm, we have been the heart of local accounting for more than 40 years - providing a full spread of accounting, auditing and taxation services to our community and its businesses.

We know how to count, but we also know what counts

Our clients are businesses of all sizes, and from advising and assisting on basic taxation, through to complex business sales and mergers – we are here for their every business need, challenge and opportunity. What sets us apart, is that we go beyond the provision of basic services – to walk with our clients as they build their businesses.

We understand the bigger picture behind the numbers, the business narrative beyond the figures – and are here as trusted business advisors.

We have grown with our clients, helped them develop their businesses, and have developed long-standing, true relationships with them – providing a value-added service all the way.


A history of professionalism and prestige

Our firm was founded in 1979 by Austin Slattery, who saw there was a need for a firm offering high-end accounting solutions to the town of Ennis and its surrounds. This was the first Chartered Accountant service in Ennis, and it quickly grew as a boutique accounting company that could offer everything a larger firm might – right here in our county town. Austin developed the business as well as his own standing within the accounting profession – holding the esteemed position of President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, in 2012.


Today, our company comprises a team of 14 – including 3 partners, 5 qualified accountants, administrative/secretarial staff and 4 trainees.

Slattery Signature Service

What makes working with Slattery & Partners different and how will you benefit?


  • Personal and Interested

    Unlike with bigger firms, we allocate one skilled professional to your account and this will be your single point of contact, throughout the service we provide. This is how we get to know your business and grow a sound and informed business relationship. And it’s how we make sure our service truly gets to grips with your needs, providing progressive answers to questions before you’ve even thought of them.  You also have access to the three practice partners whenever you need to.


  • Beyond Business

    At Slattery & Partners we understand business – but we also understand people, and what you need from us. We enjoy working with our clients, and it shows.


  • Objective and Honest

    As an independent company, we are free to be totally objective, unbiased and open in our business advice and assistance.


  • Simplifying and Accessible

    Years of perfecting our services and understanding its nuances means we are able to cut through the complex nature and language of accounting and taxation. We remove the ‘fear of the unknown’ and demystify every step of the process.


  • Individual and Inspired

    All of our services are based on one criteria alone – YOU. Everything we provide will be according to your individual requirements, not based on a  pre-set in-house model.


  • Better and Best

    While we’re proud of our history and heritage – we make use of every technological advantage, including full computerisation of management accounts, for your convenience. We also place great emphasis on ongoing staff development and skills transfer.


  • Experience and Expertise

    We have grown up understanding what makes small and medium-sized businesses tick, and the challenges of family and owner-managed companies. We share this knowledge with you – so your time with us is always rich in added value, advice and information.