Wholesale prices rise by 5.2% in April – CSO

Wholesale prices for goods used in manufacturing and construction rose at an annual rate of 5.2% in April, according to the Central Statistics Office.

This was up from an annual rate of 4.4% in March.

The price index for products destined for the domestic market rose by 7.1% on an annual basis while goods destined for exports rose by 5.1%.

Within the industrial sector, producer prices for certain products have risen steeply. Meat and meat products have risen by 17% on an annual basis. Dairy products are up over 37%, while animal feeds are up 8.2%.

Basic metals are up 31.3%.

Building and construction materials continued to increase in price last month, today’s CSO figures show.

Cement is up 14.6%, while stone, sand and gravel are up just over 10%. Structural and reinforcing steel rose sharply in April and is now up just over 51% compared to a year ago.

Meanwhile, tough timber is up 28.5%. Windows and doors are up almost 15%, while electrical fittings are up 13% and plumbing supplies, including sanitary ware, are up just over 26%, all on an annual basis.

Today’s CSO figures show that wholesale electricity prices did fall in April, compared to March, by 25.6%. However, they are still 155.5% higher than April 2021.

Wholesale prices have been increasing over the past year or so due to both supply bottlenecks and higher energy prices.

Article Source – Wholesale prices rise by 5.2% in April – CSO – Robert Shortt – RTE

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