92% of Irish employees want flexible working – research

92% of Irish employees have a strong preference for continuing in a hybrid or remote work model, according to new research from recruitment company Morgan McKinley.

The Global Workplace Guide shows that half of employees would forgo a pay raise if it meant they got their desired flexibility.

One to two days in the office is the favoured weekly working pattern for almost half of the professionals surveyed, with a further 25% selecting three to four days.

Only 8% are happy to be in the office for the full five working days.

The study shows that flexible working arrangements are a crucial factor in talent attraction and retention, with 80% of hiring managers surveyed highlighting its importance.

Despite the desire for employees to retain flexible working models, the research shows that 56% of companies globally and 42% in Ireland are urging staff to increase their in-office presence.

“Simply mandating a five-day-a-week office presence would likely encounter resistance and productivity dips,” said Stephen O’Brien, Managing Director, Morgan McKinley.

“Companies, therefore, need to implement a strategic and mindful approach to this remote rewind.”

“Striking the balance between flexibility and practicality calls for close collaboration through open communication channels and understanding the motivations driving employees’ desires for flexible work arrangements,” Mr O’Brien said.

The Morgan McKinley Global Workplace Study gathered insights about various hiring and workplace trends by surveying over 3,400 professionals and 650 employers/hiring managers globally, including 1,100 professionals in Ireland.

Article Source – 92% of Irish employees want flexible working – research – RTE

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